Four Steps to Scientifically Maintain Motivation

6 min readOct 31, 2023

A year ago, I began learning English as a new challenge.

Initially, the excitement of learning a new language and dreams of future overseas travel and business opportunities made my daily studies enjoyable.

However, as I studied English and encountered complex grammar and pronunciation barriers, my enthusiasm gradually waned.

During my studies, and on many nights, I often questioned myself, 「Is it really worth continuing? Is there any meaning in persevering?

From this experience, I began to wonder, 「What is motivation?

I decided to first delve deeply into understanding how not to run out of this 「fuel」 called motivation.

I believed that if I could understand the mechanism of motivation, I would be able to keep going without running out of fuel.

How can we continue doing what we truly have to do, or what we want to do?

Can willpower be augmented by using certain techniques?

In this article, based on my experience gained through the challenge of learning English, I would like to share the secrets.

I would like to share the four steps I believe are necessary to maintain motivation.

1 . Clarification of Vision

A few years ago, I was enjoying a trip abroad. At the hostel where I stayed, a traveler in the same room started a conversation with me. He shared intriguing topics and local recommendations, but I couldn’t respond adequately.

Even when I thought of words to say, I could only clumsily string them together, hoping he’d understand.

I vividly remember the frustration I felt, standing in front of the thick wall of language.

Until then, I had somewhat encountered English through movies and books, but I realized I hadn’t really honed practical conversational skills.




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